Normally when someone comes back that’s a high-profile celebrity, they take a group picture with everyone, but she took a picture with every single cast and crew member who wanted a picture – hair, makeup, the people from the orchestra – she took pictures with everyone. She was so sweet to every single person and the entire cast couldn’t stop writing me and texting me about how sweet of a human being she is. Like that just doesn’t happen…She’s so genuine, that’s the thing. I could tell people all day about how sweet she is, and the second they meet her, they’re just like, ‘She is incredible’. Like the entire cast can’t stop talking about it, and it’s been a week since she’s been there. And they’ve all been coming in and saying, ‘Thank you so much. It was not only really cool to meet her, but also so inspiring because she’s just a sweet person that when you’re around her, it just makes you want to be a nicer person. It makes you want to go donate money or something, like go to a children’s hospital or something every time I hang out with her because she’s really, really sweet.

Todrick Hall on how Taylor Swift spent two hours backstage after seeing kinky boots (x)

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